Thanks to all who volunteered and worked at our spring planting on March 5. It makes a such a difference in our community and we received the notes and emails to prove it!

"I've heard from 5 of the tree recipients," said Garrett Clifford our leader and President at Ojai Trees. "They all had glowing praise of our organization's tree selection, volunteers, and the positive energy exuded by everyone involved."

It was a very busy and beautiful Spring day.

Among our plantings, a new street tree went in on E. Eucalyptus to replace a fallen grandmother tree. For those of you not able to attend, Julie Tumamait's Chumash blessing was very moving and arborist Jan Scow's talk on California Live Oaks was very informative. After the planting, we received such a nice note from Regan who lives at the location of the new street tree. She enclosed a generous $110 donation that will be used for more plantings.

Calling the tree's loss a "traumatic " event Regan said her "heart is smiling again" with "the beautiful ceremony and the community coming together."

We were also honored that day, to plant a memorial tree for Gary Horagan, the husband of former Mayor Sue Horgan.

Remember we have one more spring planting event April 2 if you'd like to volunteer or order a tree. You can sign up on our website! Hope to see you soon.

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With the help of our community volunteers Ojai Trees planted 162 trees in 2021 for a total of 1,690 since 2008. Together we continue to work towards our founding mission, to plant native trees replenishing Ojai's tree canopy, increasing our city's overall sustainability and educating citizens to care for them into the future. We couldn't have do it without you!

Together we-

-wrapped up the third year of "Shade for Kids", our program to plant trees at facilities where children spent their days funded by a grant from The Ojai Women's Fund

-planted 15 trees throughout the City on public land.

-planted 50 native oak trees on private land by collaborating with, The Green Valley Project, Ojai's new youth group focused on environmental repair and sustainability. We donated the trees and supplies and youth members reached out to Ojai Valley residents offering free oaks for adoption to families who committed to their care. Ojai Trees Board members coached the youth group on planting trees, confirmed appropriate tree locations and supervised the tree planting.

We hope to continue this work in the future educating, training, and supporting citizens as they plant and care for trees. This improves the neighborhoods in which we live, work, learn and play. We invite you to continue our mission into the future, inspiring others to take personal responsibility for the community forest, by volunteering at our planting events, planting a tree in your own yard or considering a tax deductible donation.

2022 Spring Planting Dates are March 5 and April 2. Check out our website or contact us at

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This article talks about one of the most powerful tools "that designers can use to help communities both mitigate and adapt to climate change," TREES. This information applies to all of our towns and cities; we can use the same tools.

According to the US Department of Agriculture , "Trees are like outdoor air conditioners that operate as carbon sinks. The cooling impact of a single healthy tree from evaporation and absorbing sunlight is equivalent to ten room-size air conditioners operating 24 hours a day,”

To read more about trees' benefits and how we can each act now read more here:

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