The gift of a tree is a gift that keeps on giving If you’d like a tree for shade in your yard, or want to gift a tree,Ojai Trees can help. Ojai Trees can help you select the right tree for the right place, help plant it, and teach you how to care for it properly.Give a new tree the best possible start at a long and healthy life. We are a nonprofit tree planting group that has been planting trees in Ojai for over 10 years.

Why do we do it, even with the drought? We do it because trees make our community healthier, more beautiful, and actually help to capture our blessed rain with their canopies and roots increasing groundwater recharge. One well-placed, full-grown tree will cool your yard up to 20 degrees. Trees can also stabilize hillsides and provide wind breaks that can slow evaporation. By planting the right trees we add to our neighborhood tree canopy making walking and biking a more pleasant experience for us all. It can even increase our property values by making our town more livable.

Our planting events, normally held four times a year during fall and spring, are also a great opportunity to meet your neighbors and take some positive action toward healing the environment in your own backyard, ensuring the future health of our community tree canopy. Hey, tree planting events are fun and energizing. 

If you would like to inquire about having a tree or trees planted the deadline to order is Go to our request a tree page on our website.  Or, if you would like to help make Ojai a little greener by joining a planting team, the volunteers at Ojai Trees welcome you. Just contact us by e-mail at

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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Random thoughts on a hot Ojai day.

Make a partnership with a tree.

Pull weeds that compete for moisture.

Water it. Mulch it.

Together we can make Ojai a better place with shade to play under, walk under, and rest under.


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Trees make me happier and science just backed me up! They add beauty. They cool the air. They even sound beautiful when the wind rustles their leaves. Check out the article below if you love them too! It's from Greater Good Magazine.


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