By Caryn Bosson and Gabriele Lashly

Ojai Trees is actively replacing Ojai's declining heritage oaks and other native trees with young trees that should be spreading their branches over our streets, yards, and open spaces for the next hundred years and more. This summer, two of us Ojai Trees board members, Gabriele Lashly and Caryn Bosson, visited the Bristlecone Pine Forest in the White Mountains of California east of Inyo, as part of our vacation.

There we walked through the Methuselah Grove, home of a tree recorded to be more than 4,700 years old. Although where this exact tree is remains a mystery (for its protection), the numerous sculptural millenium-old Bristlecone Pines were a wonder to see. Perched at almost 10,000 feet and subject to extreme heat and cold, they continue to persevere.

We at Ojai Trees heartily recommend getting out and connecting with trees in their natural settings. It's not only renewing to the spirit, but it also helps inspire us to keep planting and caring for our community forest in the Ojai Valley.

Keeping trees alive and healthy in our Valley for generations to come is a big job. We appreciate your support in this important work.

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